Freelance Digital Marketers

Freelance Digital Marketers

Who we are

We are a global network of experienced freelance digital marketers created by Barni Rajah . As digital natives who are passionate about authentic brands, we use methods such as web development, content creation, SEO, paid advertising & email marketing, to create a soulful connection for your brand and its audience.

What we do


Web Development & SEO

Merakist can help you design and create websites that communicate your products and services to customers with the right content. Ensuring your content website resonates with your audience, is SEO friendly and has good user experience (UX). We also do site audits and suggest improvements and SEO strategies to any existing websites, enabling you to rank better and get more traffic on your site.


Paid Advertising

Create and run advertising campaigns on platforms that will give the most ROI to the business. An excellent place to start with is Google Adwords and Facebook. With the right copywriting and landing page added to the mix, you are sure to see more conversions in a matter of time.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent opportunity for brands to keep in touch with their existing customers and promote return businesses. Merakist can help plan and set up email automation or monthly email newsletters to help you maintain that connection.

In A Nutshell

Every business has different goals, and we are here to advise how best to use the available resources to achieve the highest impact. We’ll help you decide which strategies to go ahead with and explain the advantages and limitations of each approach, so you clearly understand how digital marketing can work best for your business.

What makes merakist different?

all under one roof.

A Marketing Team

Have a team of highly capable and experienced people working on your project alongside with you.


At Merakist, 9-5 doesn’t mean a thing. Flexible days and hours – anything to get the job done and meet deadlines.

Affordable Rates

Merakist charges by the hour. We believe in discussing and agreeing with the rates upfront, so there will be no surprises.

Clients & Testimonials

What Our clients say?

Barni is fantastic to work with and we have seen significant gains in website traffic, higher rankings in Google and with her assistance our site continues to significantly improve overall. We appreciate the work she does. Barni was able to achieves results that others have promised but not achieved in the past. All around she is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend Barni and her team.
Bella Vista Logo
Kamilo Saliba
Working with Barni has been a seamless and enjoyable experience from the start. Not only is the content she creates spot on and relevant to our industry, it is always well-researched, rarely requires more than a proofread, and it always hits the spot. Barni’s diverse skill set allows us to have a one stop shop managing the digital marketing for us without fear. I would encourage anyone looking for a solid digital marketer to engage with Merakist.
Jarred Watson
CEO & Founder

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